Our Philosophy

We opened for business in 1993 and our staff has over 50 years of collective experience. Our experience, maturity and wisdom are of tremendous value to our clients. Here is some of what we have learned, and what it means for our clients:

We specialize in residential architecture.
  • Residential clients care much more about the details, the quality, and design decisions, and they want to be intimately involved with design and construction.
  • With each passing year, we become increasingly adept at working with our residential clients, and we continually master and expand our palette of design considerations and principles and techniques.
  • Architects and contractors don’t effectively inhabit both the residential and commercial worlds. Orthopedic surgeons should not attempt heart surgery, and certainly one could never master both.
Our value to our clients is at its greatest during construction.
  • We love to design, but design is only half of the value that we bring to our clients. Our designs work best if they are properly constructed.
  • On the construction site we know what to look for: short-cuts taken, drawings and specifications ignored, poor quality that would become apparent later, etc. We know how best to procure proper performance from the contractor.
  • We find that in the end our clients appreciate our efforts to ensure that their project is properly constructed as much as they appreciate the design.
We share our clients’ values and appreciate their investment.
  • Our clients are an impressive bunch. They did not achieve their successes by being wasteful. They expect value for their resources.
  • Our clients expect and should experience a pleasant design and construction process with minimal aggravation.
  • Our clients are served well by our reading of Fine Homebuilding, Wall Street Journal, etc. before we pick up Progressive Architecture. We design and administer construction for our clients, and not for other architects.
Please let us put our half-century of accumulated experience to work for you.