We begin each relationship without assumptions or preconceptions. We draw our inspiration from you, the client. Rather than talking, we always start by listening – and listening intently. Early in the process we develop with you a vision for your home; one that balances and blends form and function. We aim to design with you a distinctive home that reflects your style, taste and personality; a home that is as unique as are you. Through the right combination of objective and subjective influences, we strive to create for you the perfect space in which to live.

We shepherd the project through design and to the point of a signed construction contract, and then we administer the construction contract. Our collaborative approach ensures that your vision comes through clearly in the design and in your completed home. Throughout the process our experience in managing the details of high-quality residential projects means that you may be confident that your vision, your project and your dollars are in safe hands.

Our clients realize the greatest benefit of our expertise when we provide them with full architectural services. Simply put, Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. Exceptional results are achieved when a project is properly planned and priced, and managed through construction. Building a home with limited drawings and with design left to the contractor is often a painful process with predictable results. A very different type of process leads to a beautiful, functional, efficient and distinctive custom home. If your home isn’t properly designed, one or two unintended changes during construction will force you to spend what you could have spent to properly design your home in the first place.

Whether your project involves new construction, or a renovation or addition, our goal is to be an attentive steward of your project so that we may provide you with a superior experience and a superior result. Whatever it takes to complete your home, Bell Architecture will remain active and available, managing every detail from the first sketch until the day you move in.